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Why will garden accessories add meaning to your garden?

Garden furniture has its own way of arrangement where rattan furniture’s or teak furniture’s are the important assets which you find in any garden. While arranging or decorating your garden, you might want to put in that extra effort of making your garden, an Eden, 

Why will garden accessories add meaning to your garden?

Garden furniture has its own way of arrangement where rattan furniture’s or teak furniture’s are the important assets which you find in any garden. While arranging or decorating your garden, you might want to put in that extra effort of making your garden, an Eden, 


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  • Patio Heaters

    Patio heaters are the best way of warming your patio and garden when temperatures fell,  making sure you can enjoy the whole night with your friends and family, no matter whether the temperature is with you or not. Our phenomenal range of patio heater is assured to keep you toasty and warm.  

  • Weather Covers

    If you look after your garden furniture in Spain it will look after you.Garden furniture spains furniture weather covers are ideal for protecting your tables, chairs and benches from the weather when not in use. Made from heavy duty 260g polyester, the covers have been seam taped for extra strength and are water/UV resistant. All come with pull ties to hold the cover securely to your garden furniture. They are designed to fit any combination of furniture ranging from a single bench to a full patio furniture set. All Furniture Weather Covers NOW include Shipping There will be no further charge at checkout, Please E mail if 3 or more weather covers are to be purchased, to receive a discount, €20 per purchase

  • Shade Sails

     Shade Sails are a convenient and cost-effective way of shading yourself from the sun in Spain. We have a range of shapes and sizes, so you should be able to find shade even in the problem areas of your garden in Spain.

  • Polk Audio Garden...

    The weather's fine and outdoor speakers from Polk Audio Spain are the best choice for outdoor speakers in Spain.Throw a party, invite the neighbors and grill some ribs or kebabs.Spend the afternoon dancing and flirting around the pool with Polk Audio Spain.When the sun sets, enjoy music around the fire pit using Polk Audio in Spain, on your porch or out on your deck.Polk Audio Speakers are your number one choice for BIG outdoor Sound! Polk Atrum 4, Atrium 5, Atrium 6, Atrium 8, Atrium SAT 30, Atrium SUB 10 The Price`s Include Delivery To your Door Polk audio.

  • Cobb BBQ

    Garden Furniture Spain has a huge range of quality Barbecues, they are great for an outdoor dinner party or just for using during the hot summer months.We offer Cobb Charcoal barbeques,  Cobb Grill Barbecue all delivered across Spain, for your balconys, gardens and terraces, also large family size professional Cobb Gas barbecue ideal for entertaining and enjoying the climate here in Spain. Great for cooking perfectly barbecued steak while you enjoy the sun from your own spanish retreat, nothing is better than cooking outdoors, especially when you are using quality products from Cobb Grill BBq`s, Cobb BAccessory , Garden Furniture Spain.

  • Milo mist fan

    Milo Mist Fan is the world’s only 18-inch dry mist fan with the ability to reduce temperatures by up to 30°F. Patented nozzle technology breaks down water to a microscopic level before distributing it, producing a mist so fine that it is dry to the touch. With an unlimited combination of air conditioning settings, cooling may be tailored to your preference

  • BBQs & fire pits

    Garden Furniture has a huge range of quality Barbecues in Spain france or portugal, BBQ's, they make it easy to dine outside in your garden.In our range you will find  Firpit BBQ  all delivered across Europe, for balconies and terraces, also large family size professional  ideal for entertaining and enjoying the climate here in Sunny Europe. Sit back and enjoy a perfectly barbecued steak while you enjoy the summer from your own  retreat, nothing is better than cooking outdoors, especially when you are using quality products,

  • Outdoor Furniture...

    Garden Furniture Spain's specially designed outdoor cushions are made from acrylic, the cushions are from Kingdom Teak and provide outstanding quality. They are filled with a resin fibre sandwich which ensures extra firmness and guaranteed comfort. This is surrounded by fibre and enclosed in a pull out bag which is zipped inside the cushion cover. Covers can be easily removed for washing. Garden cushions delivered across Spain, Costa Blanca, costa del Sol, And all other Areas of mainland spain and the islands. THIS PAGE IS CUSHIONS ONLY. Click here to go to our range of rattan and hardwood sun loungers.     

  • Garden Lights

    Garden Furniture Spain's range of patio heaters and garden lights in Spain are versatile and stylish and will bring warmth and light to a colder spanish night, giving you use of your garden all year round. These patio heaters can be used in many aplications and are ideal for restaurants which want to extend the summer season. They have a weather resistant construction and will provide instant heat. Our garden lights offer elegant lighting in your spanish garden Garden Torch Lights Spain, Electric Patio Heaters Spain, Fire Pits & Outdoor Fireplaces Spain MAKES OUTDOOR LIVING IN SPAIN EASY ... EVERYDAY OF THE YEAR  

where you can spend jovial time with your loved ones. When you think about putting that extra effort, garden furniture accessories always come in handy because these are the extra items or pieces of decoration, which adds in beauty to your garden or enhances your garden even more.

You can choose from our wide variety of garden furniture accessories like:

1. Weather cover

You never know when the climate can be harsh because of its unpredictability. It is always better to be safe than sorry in matters like these, so buying a weather cover can be considered a smart move. Be it any furniture which is weather resistant or not, it is always advised to buy a weather cover, so that your high quality or expensive furniture can withstand the harshness of the weather. The weather cover is made from heavy-duty polyester which is an adamant material, the covers can be seam taped for extra robustness. It can be used on different types of furniture like the rattan garden furniture or the furniture made from teak, etc.


2. Outdoor furniture cushions

Outdoor furniture’s are essential to complete the garden decor but what more essential are the little but important items which complete the outdoor furniture. When talking about furniture, outdoor furniture cushions are necessary because they add the colour and style to your patio. You can add the lounger cushion which is filled with foam and has a button-tufted design. The lounger cushion is made from polyester fabric, has a high amount of crumb memory foam, there are white buttons which add into the contrast of the fabric colour and the item is accurately assembled so that it meets your comfort level.


3. Patio heaters

Who does not wants to spend cosy and cold winter mornings in the garden? Gardens are designed or assembled for the purpose of spending time with family, where you often look forward to spending time either in the cold nights or during sudden weather changes in the garden. It is obvious that certain arrangements need to be made, before camping in your garden, so when thinking about making proper arrangements, patio heaters definitely come into the picture where the patios are designed in order to meet your requirements. The heaters are designed by us in a stylish manner so that it matches with the rest of the garden furniture and the material is stainless steel which is of durable quality. The heaters have an output of 13Kw per hour, where the most mesmerising part of it is the swirling flame which tends to command the inner gas tube. The heat output can be adjusted with the variable valve in order to ease the temperature, where it works on the LPG gas. It also has a safety net to protect you from the flame and a tilt switch is also available to protect you from the flame if the patio heater needs to be moved from one place to another.

4. Gazebo bird bath

The more effort you put into your garden, the closer you become to nature, the more you concentrate on nature, the more you attract a lot of birds and butterflies. In order to act as an aid for your love of nature, you can add a beautiful gazebo bird bath. It can be can definitely be used to increase the scenic beauty of the garden because it comes in petite or large sizes which can suit accordingly to your garden’s size. Gazebo bird baths are often decorative and are embedded with intrinsic details. By creating an aura in your garden, you can attract a lot of birds, butterflies, etc, which will give you a feel of mini sanctuary in your garden. The gazebo bird baths are often made of marble material but you can also find these bird baths in steel or wood. So now, you can enjoy the sweet chirping of birds in your garden by installing a gazebo bird bath.


5. Gazebo accessories

Gazebo, as we all know, is a structure which is turret-shaped or is octagonal and gives you a pavilion look. In order to add more aesthetic sense to your garden, you can add gazebos, where you can spend quality time under the gazebo shade with your family members. In order to install a gazebo, you will surely need gazebo accessories which will give the structure a perfect and complete look. The gazebo accessories mostly include items like a 3-piece side wall set which mostly goes along with the rolling pavilion, the material is always made up of 100% polyester which also includes mosquito netting. The 3-piece side wall set has three side walls, where the two side walls do not have windows and the front wall has a mosquito net which also includes a zip fastener. There are also mounting rings for the sides and hook & loop straps at the front.

6. Garden ornaments

The beauty of the garden is that you can be expressive with it. You can be as creative as you want, as liberal as you want. You can decorate your garden with flowers, plants, garden ornaments, and what not. You can use your imagination to the fullest while accessorising or enhancing your garden. When thinking about what ornaments to choose to garnish your garden, you can choose from a variety of things which will enhance the beauty of your garden. Among the various garden ornaments, you can choose the Buddha object statue which is made from poly resin material, which adds in ethnic taste to your garden, it might also be installed for religious aspects.

  You can also install a Robin pot statue, which is a petite metallic structure, which depicts the Robin bird. The statues are often made of high-quality metal or are made from recycled oil drums and reclaimed metal. The high-quality varnish of red or brown colour is so accurate that it could depict an actual Robin bird. You can also add other animal statues like the sheep statue, which is made of metal and which can also be customised, you can add an owl and its baby, which is made up of sheet metal where you can add character and attractiveness to your garden, the owl statues are hand painted in order to add originality to the statue. You can further add a standing cat statue which is made up of metal, where the statue depicts a Siamese cat, which is everyone’s favourite feline. The quirky statue adds uniqueness to your garden decor which will attract everybody’s attention. There are also other animal statues like the Hen, Heron, Deer, Frog, little birds, Elephant pot, Metal Dog, etc. Add some mythological creatures to your garden, in order to give it a fairyland or dreamland look with the statues like Gargoyles, Bigfoot, Pixie, Gnome, Fairy, Fairy door, etc. Apart from animal sculptures, you can also buy statues of people, Japanese ornaments like the pagoda lanterns which might inspire you to turn your garden into Asian themed. Don’t miss the chance of arranging your garden with all your favourite items.

Garden fanatics can never stop themselves from decorating their gardens again and again. Be it for any occasion or holiday or event, we want to make sure that we fill the inventory of our garden fanatics to the fullest. We always keep adding new items so that you can fill your garden with detail and creativity of your imagination. Apart from spending time in the garden with your family and friends, you might also want to spend time with your children and as we all know, children often love the small details or items of furniture in the garden, where they can expand their imagination. We always make sure that we provide garden ornaments and accessories in UK for the garden which depict the fairyland, so that the children love it and would want to play in their garden again and again.

There are lots of furniture accessories on-line to choose from, where you can add a lot of depth and detail to your garden. We, over the years, have become the leading provider of garden ornaments and accessories in UK because we offer a lot of variety in the furniture accessories on-line. You can choose the articles from the convenience of your home where you can shop by style or subject which complements your furniture.