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A garden without a bench sounds like an incomplete piece of the puzzle because garden benches add that comfort level to your garden. It makes your outdoor look complete and contended and gives your garden a much-reposed look to your family members and guests.


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  • Bench Engraving

    Garden Furniture Spain now offer Carved inscription for up to 50 letters(more upon request).Teak benches are ideal for memorial benches to be used in public places like parks,golf clubs and churches, etc. The Inscription is a permanent reminder for that special message, placed in the perfect Spanish place.

  • Bench anchors

    Protect your timber furniture from thieves and vandals with these ancors from Garden Furniture Spain.

  • More Benches

    Enjoy the Spanish outdoors in comfort with one of our high quality, stylish teak garden benches. Garden furniture Spain can also offer expert engraving for your bench for that personal touch.

  • Teak Garden benches

    Garden Furniture Spains extensive range of high quality garden benches has something for everybody. Crafted from the finest teak wood, our benches are comfortable and hard-wearing, and come in a vast range of styles and sizes. Thanks to our engraving machine, each can now be personalised with a name or message.

  • Swing Benches

    Garden Furniture Spains range of swing benches.Ideal for that shady spot under an Olive tree in your Spainish Garden

  • Memorial Benches

    Garden Furniture Spain has the largest selection of Memorial benches available in Spain and all can have carved inscriptions.Suitable for commercial enviroments, public parks, church yards, Bowling Clubs, communial areas, Bars and Social Clubs.

  • Lutyens Bench

    Our Lutyens teak bench are the perfect example of teak woodwork which makes it substantial yet elegant piece of craftsmanship. We have spent years in research and development to make perfect Lutyens garden benches and the craftsmanship which is clearly visible in our garden benches.

  • Curved Benches

    Curved garden benches for that special place in the  spanish garden

  • FSC Garden Benches

    Our Teak Garden Benches are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. FSC promotes environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world's forests

  • Oak Garden Benches

    Sustainable wood management by using fallen oak branches in the construction of our Oak Garden Benches wherever possible. At the same time oak garden furniture gives a fantastic, countryside feel to any garden making oak garden benches a very popular choice for garden furniture. That’s why we source all our Oak Benches from Ecologically Supervised Forests in Europe.

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

Be it organising any party in your garden or just spending idle time, garden benches in UK are a must. Garden Furniture Spain has a lot of variety in their garden furniture and one of their most quality furniture is garden benches where you can find different types like:

Swing benches

Swing benches always add a plus point, especially for family members with kids because they can play as long as they want by swinging on this bench which is made up of quality material and gives a contemporary and classic touch to your garden. The material of the bench is so dense that it can tolerate temperatures high or low and the bench can also be left outside without any hassle because the material of the bench will not be damaged by the weather, which in turn makes this bench one of the best and cheap garden bench.

Teak garden benches

Teak is always the go-to material if you want to purchase any garden furniture. It is best known for its quality, density and also its durability. The furniture made from teak is mostly handcrafted which gives the furniture a hard-wearing and comfortable look. There are also extensive styles and size available. You can always select from the wide variety of teak benches like the Backless Bench where the oily nature of the teak results in a very low moisture intake and it also gives a smooth appeal because of the honey coloured lustre. There are also folding teak benches which have contoured seats and back.

Lutyens Bench

This is one of the best garden benches for sale because of its classy and designer look and also because of its excellent craftsmanship. This quality yet affordable and cheap garden bench has very low maintenance and is also extensively durable in harsh conditions and temperature. The bench can be used both for public and private use and the bench over time will turn from golden colour to a silver-grey patina. Being originally designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens, this particular bench uses only tenon and mortise joints which will give it a durable look. The contemporary design is perfect for any type of garden and it gives a stylish and classy look to your outdoor atmosphere.

Installing wooden garden benches are not the only way you can personalise your garden because Garden Furniture Spain goes to the extent of providing bench engravings where you can carve personalised inscriptions up to 50 letters. These inscriptions are ideal for public or private use where you can create a long-lasting memory through inscribing that personal message. Garden Furniture Spain over the years have excelled in their business and is now the leading provider of garden furniture of superior quality.